About Me

What you choose to measure, how you choose to describe, and what you choose to ignore, tells me as much about you and your interests, your "agenda," as those subjected to your instruments and renderings. You are not just a sum total of someone else's measurements.

I propose "The Kramer" as a unit of measure of wonderousness. Not interested? Too bad. To become a unit of measure in today's world is to really "be somebody." On second thought, maybe I don't want to be a tool or unit after all.

"We are our choices." Not entirely. I inherited my genes and my society. -- J.P. Sartre corrected by E. Kramer

Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you.

Kramer's Dictum 1: Live in places with the most stand-up comedians per thousand population.

Kramer's Dictum 2: The worst dog is more honest than the best human.

Advice: Beware of anyone who would recommend betraying others as a solution to anything.

Estragon to Vladimir, "There is no rope... So let's go."

Charlie Chaplin “The Great Dictator”